15 Tricks You Must Know When Using Silk Jewelry Pouches

Silk jewelry pouches are used for different purposes. They look extremely trendy and pretty. These days, silk pouches are popularly used to keep jewelry. Below are a few tricks for you when you are using Silk Jewelry Pouches:

  1. You can carry your trendy silk jewelry pouch to a party as well. You can keep the money, cosmetics, keys and other things in your silk pouch and go out to a party or any outing.
  2. You can use a small silk pouch for gifting purpose. Silk Jewelry Pouches look extremely fancy and attractive and are liked by all. If you wish, you can gift someone a coin or a small ornament in a silk jewelry pouch. It will make your gift definitely look richer.
  3. If you want to store your jewelry in your cupboard, then big sized silk jewelry bags are also available which can more or less accommodate all your jewelry. This way all your jewelry will remain organized and would not get misplaced.
  4. You can utilize all the compartments in the silk jewelry pouch in storing a different category of ornament. This will ensure that your jewelry stays organized.
  5. You can use the center compartments for keeping bigger jewelry items like necklace, bracelets and the side compartments to keep smaller jewelry items like rings, anklets.
  6. You can carry the silk jewelry pouch in your hand or around your wrist or keep it in a bigger bag.
  7. Silk pouches are shimmery and bright due to the silk fabric which reflects light. Due to this particular nature, these bags look very smart when carried at night time to a party.
  8. Silk pouches are extremely light weighted. They are very convenient to be carried and taken to different places.
  9. Silk pouches have many zips and pockets. This makes their usage very practical. You can securely place all your jewelry items in this silk pouch and conveniently use in traveling.
  10. If you are using a silk bag and you want to find out if the bag is made of natural or artificial silk, then you can perform a burn test. In this test, you just have to burn a thread of silk and smell the ashes. If the ashes smell like plastic, then it is artificial silk else natural silk.
  11. You can keep your heavier jewelry also in the silk bag as silk bags are strong and reliable. They can withstand wear and tear.
  12. Silk pouches elasticity is poor. Once you stretch it, it remains in that shape. So, if you don’t want the shape of your pouch to get spoilt, then avoid stretching it.
  13. When traveling, you want to carry a few jewelry items in your big bag. In such a case, you can use a silk jewelry pouch to carry securely.
  14. If you know that your silk pouch is made of insect silk, then you can be assured that nothing can happen to your pouch. You can use it to keep your heaviest jewelry items too.
  15. A good embroidered or floral design silk jewelry pouch looks very smart and contemporary. You can carry it anywhere.

Be stylish and use a silk jewelry pouch in a way that suits you(view more other handmade silver jewellery products at Stories of Silver & Silk). Just keep in mind that silk pouches are the latest fashion statement.

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