Surprising Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea has glowing reviews regarding the surprising health benefits it offers. It is incredibly delicious and therapeutic.

Hibiscus tea has a tart and cranberry-like flavor. It is a herbal made from the sepals of crimson or colored magenta and a hibiscus sabdariffa flower. The following are its surprising health:

First, it lowers the Cholesterol level.

Hibiscus tea is successful in lowering the cholesterol levels. It contains a high antioxidant that reduces the low-density lipoprotein which is commonly known as a dangerous or harmful cholesterol that can clog the arteries that result in strokes and heart attacks.
Lowering cholesterol protects the blood vessels from any damage.

Second, it protects the Liver.

Because of the very high antioxidant therapeutic level of hibiscus, it creates a significant effect in the liver such as treating the disease and protecting it. At a low level of concentration, free radicals are favorable to the body as it helps against pathogens or bacteria, virus and other microorganisms that cause diseases. However, a high level of free radicals generates risks. The significant level of antioxidant from the Hibiscus tea neutralizes the free radicals found in body cells and tissues. Hence, a life free from any diseases.

Third, it manages Blood Pressure.

Millions of people from the different parts of the world suffer from high blood pressure, so hibiscus tea is a great help. Based on a study conducted, this tea contains properties of antihypertensive and cardioprotective that benefit people suffering from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. In fact, it reduces blood pressure by 10 points. Not only that, but it also has diuretic properties for frequent urination resulting in a lowered-blood pressure.

Fourth, it contains ascorbic acid. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.

The Hibiscus tea is very rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid which regenerates and repairs tissues. A verified research suggests that it prevents scurvy and decreases the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It also stimulates and boosts the immune system. Moreover, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the tea hamper from catching a cold and flu. Its cooling effect is also useful for treating any discomfort.

Fifth, it relieves menstrual pain.

Some women experience menstrual cramps before and during the menstruation, in this case drinking Hibiscus tea will help relieve the pain felt in the lower abdomen. Furthermore, it decreases other symptoms of menstruation.

Six, it aids Digestions.

Drinking Hibiscus tea is good for digestion. It improves the breakdown of the sizeable insoluble food molecules. It relieves constipation because of the diuretic properties and improves the gastrointestinal system. Aside from that, it regularizes urination and bowel movements that are effective for cleansing.

Seventh, it is a natural Antidepressant.

Depression is a major depressive disorder commonly regarded as one of the severe medical illnesses affecting the emotional and intellectual of the person. Fortunately, it is treatable. In fact, this tea contains bioflavonoid that weakens the signs of depression like hopelessness, fatigue, and loss of interest. Furthermore, it calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety and depression, creating a relaxing sensation.

Eight, it fights Leukemia and Carcinoma.

This therapeutic tea is proven to combat the cancer of the blood. It curtails the abnormal cells produced in the bone marrow. It also has similar effects to gastric carcinoma cells. The protocatechuic properties found in tea extract slows down the cancerous cells due to the programmed cell death commonly called as apoptosis.

Ninth, it reduces Obesity and Diabetes.

The Hibiscus extracts suppress the absorption of too much sucrose and starch. Although sucrose is present in plants, the table sugar is a manufactured product while a polymeric carbohydrate or starch consists of high units of glucose. Too much of table sugar is a risk. Hence, it would be better to drink Hibiscus tea. Not only it reduces the risk of obesity, but it also fights a standard marker of prediabetes. In fact, it maintains the sugar levels in the diabetic patients. In fact, a study conducted among the diabetic patients found that hibiscus tea can lower the triglycerides and LDL.

With the health benefits of Hibiscus tea, it will be a great idea to drink it regularly.