The Average Cost of Weddings in Beirut

wedding costBelieve it or not, wedding prices included photography pricing are continuing to rise higher and higher as each year goes by despite the culture in which you live in. While many wedding planners have often sympathized with brides and grooms and acknowledge they understand just how expensive weddings are it has not caused any wedding planner to lower their costs. In fact, as wedding venue prices have increased so have the cost for a wedding planner. Despite this increase in prices, brides and grooms are not slowing down their marriage rates and are absolutely not slowing down their spending on their wedding days. In fact, many couples have taken out huge loans just to host huge wedding festivities that perhaps they cannot even afford but feel they need.

Throughout the world, the wedding industry is one of the most lucrative service providers. The profits are extremely high and in the last 5 years, over 20 wedding planning companies have been formed in Beirut.

During a recent survey that was conducted by Information International, it was estimated that weddings in Beirut cost approximately $15,000 United States dollars for the average couple. If you’re not from Lebanon you may want to be careful before beginning to plan your wedding in this area because it is not your average place to simply say your I Dos. In fact, celebrating a wedding in Beirut is a 4-5 day festivity that involves parties. Like many Lebanese weddings, a wife’s body being waxed and it also includes a group of people waiting outside your room to receive proof that you and your mate have consummated your union.

While your wedding day should be a day you never forget and full of love and celebration it’s also important to know that it is not a requirement to spend a ton of money on a wedding. Having a wedding planner does help eliminate stress but you don’t have to hire a wedding planner. In fact, you don’t even have to have your wedding at an expensive venue. Ultimately how much money you spend on your wedding solely lies in your hand. While the average couple does spend over 15,000.00 on weddings in Beirut don’t let that number corner you into a wedding you cannot afford.

Whether you recognize it or not, there are always cheaper options when getting married and many things that brides and grooms hire others to do can easily be done themselves. As oppose to ditching out tons of money to a local photographer, consider asking a friend. Need flowers? Get a group of your friend’s together and take a trip to a flower garden and pick your own. When planning a wedding specifically a wedding on a strict budget, get creative and all your resources together. No couple should ever have to incur huge amounts of debts simply to get married in front of friends and families.

Beirut weddings can be expensive, if you’re not interested in a wedding on a budget, consider saving years in advance. You’ll be so glad you did.

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