Where to buy jewelry pouches?

If you would be transported to the 19th century and would ask a woman there where she got her lovely jewelry pouch, you would surely get a surprising answer from her, for either she would say that she had meticulously handcrafted her jewelry pouch, or she would give you a sketch pointing to where she had bought the jewelry pouch. She would never give you a website for neither the internet nor mobile devices existed at that time. But now, we have so many things to be thankful for. For almost everything nowadays can be had instantaneously. If you need a jewelry pouch, you simply need to go online and order a pouch of your own liking and have it delivered right to your very doorstep. Hence, all you basically need right now are URLs of those online stores that sell awesome pouches. For this reason, I am providing a list here of some of the best websites that sell great pouches:

  • Ebay.com is definitely a good platform to find jewelry pouches. It is one of the most expansive e-commerce corporations. Hence, you will surely find a lot of sellers on eBay who is selling jewelry pouches. Yet, before you bid on eBay and send your check or use your credit card on that platform, make sure that you study the feedback of the seller to ensure that you will never be hoodwinked by fraudulent sellers.
  • Amazon.com, as one of the largest online retailing websites in the world, sells a lot of jewelry pouches. Try browsing through Amazon.com and you will discover a kaleidoscope of jewelry pouches in various shapes and sizes.
  • JewelryBox display & Supply Co.is definitely a good platform to find various pouches of different colors and made. Their prices of pouches are very affordable, and you will surely love shopping for little cute pouches on this website.
  • Storiesofsilversilk.com sells myriads of pouches and handmade silver jewelry on their platform. They also provide unlimited jewelry packaging options for their clients and customers, and if you want affordable jewelry pouches, you should visit this website.
  • Etsy.com sells hundreds of jewelry pouches, and there are awesome stores at Etsy that sell fantastic pouches. Check out Stories of Silver Silk store wherein you can buy fantastic jewelry pouches. You can also visit Uncommon Threads store from Houston Texas on Etsy, and Jarck101 store.

Aside from online stores that sell awesome pouches, there are also some manufacturers that specialize in producing awesomely customized pouches. Here are four of the most established manufacturers of jewelry pouches in the country with their contact numbers:

  • Jonco Industries, Inc.If you are interested in buying in bulk, you can order from the Jonco, Inc. which has its headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. This company manufactures pouches according to your specifications. You can call them at 800-236-7311.
  • Custom Faberkin Inc., located in Fond Du Lac, WI. This company manufactures and sells in bulk and you can order from the high-quality pouches for your jewelry. You can contact them at 920-921-5660.
  • Premier Pack International whose headquarters is located in Brooklyn, NY. It is a leading and dependable manufacturer of very cost-efficient pouches. You can order customizable pouches according to your liking and design from them, and you can contact them at 800-555-5186.
  • Tetrafab, a company located in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, has been involved in designing and manufacturing customized pouches for almost 30 years. The pouches that this manufacturer produces are of high quality, and if you want to order in bulk, you can contact them at 812-406-0321.

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