Where to buy jewelry pouches?

If you would be transported to the 19th century and would ask a woman there where she got her lovely jewelry pouch, you would surely get a surprising answer from her, for either she would say that she had meticulously handcrafted her jewelry pouch, or she would give you a sketch pointing to where she had bought the jewelry pouch. She would never give you a website for neither the internet nor mobile devices existed at that time. But now, we have so many things to be thankful for. For almost everything nowadays can be had instantaneously. If you need a jewelry pouch, you simply need to go online and order a pouch of your own liking and have it delivered right to your very doorstep. Hence, all you basically need right now are URLs of those online stores that sell awesome pouches. For this reason, I am providing a list here of some of the best websites that sell great pouches:

  • Ebay.com is definitely a good platform to find jewelry pouches. It is one of the most expansive e-commerce corporations. Hence, you will surely find a lot of sellers on eBay who is selling jewelry pouches. Yet, before you bid on eBay and send your check or use your credit card on that platform, make sure that you study the feedback of the seller to ensure that you will never be hoodwinked by fraudulent sellers.
  • Amazon.com, as one of the largest online retailing websites in the world, sells a lot of jewelry pouches. Try browsing through Amazon.com and you will discover a kaleidoscope of jewelry pouches in various shapes and sizes.
  • JewelryBox display & Supply Co.is definitely a good platform to find various pouches of different colors and made. Their prices of pouches are very affordable, and you will surely love shopping for little cute pouches on this website.
  • Storiesofsilversilk.com sells myriads of pouches and handmade silver jewelry on their platform. They also provide unlimited jewelry packaging options for their clients and customers, and if you want affordable jewelry pouches, you should visit this website.
  • Etsy.com sells hundreds of jewelry pouches, and there are awesome stores at Etsy that sell fantastic pouches. Check out Stories of Silver Silk store wherein you can buy fantastic jewelry pouches. You can also visit Uncommon Threads store from Houston Texas on Etsy, and Jarck101 store.

Aside from online stores that sell awesome pouches, there are also some manufacturers that specialize in producing awesomely customized pouches. Here are four of the most established manufacturers of jewelry pouches in the country with their contact numbers:

  • Jonco Industries, Inc.If you are interested in buying in bulk, you can order from the Jonco, Inc. which has its headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. This company manufactures pouches according to your specifications. You can call them at 800-236-7311.
  • Custom Faberkin Inc., located in Fond Du Lac, WI. This company manufactures and sells in bulk and you can order from the high-quality pouches for your jewelry. You can contact them at 920-921-5660.
  • Premier Pack International whose headquarters is located in Brooklyn, NY. It is a leading and dependable manufacturer of very cost-efficient pouches. You can order customizable pouches according to your liking and design from them, and you can contact them at 800-555-5186.
  • Tetrafab, a company located in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, has been involved in designing and manufacturing customized pouches for almost 30 years. The pouches that this manufacturer produces are of high quality, and if you want to order in bulk, you can contact them at 812-406-0321.

Simple Guidance Selecting Silk Jewelry Pouches

Amongst women, silk jewelry pouches have become the latest trend. It is like a new fashion statement. Silk pouches are ideal for traveling as you can safely carry your jewelry in them in a stylish yet secure manner. Silk pouches add elegance by offering a smart and practical idea to carry jewelry wherever you go. Silk pouches are available in varied designs and colors which one can use to match and carry with different outfits from the handmade silver jewellery store Stories of Silver Silk. Below are the different kind of silk pouches which are available in the market from which you can select as per your requirement and choice:

  1. Drawstring Pouch for Jewelry – These pouches have a drawstring which can be conveniently opened and closed to carry the jewelry securely. This pouch can be hung around your wrist or put in a bigger bag for easy carrying. When put in a bigger bag, it will ensure that your jewelry is kept away from the remaining stuff like makeup items, money, keys etc.
  2. Center Compartment pouch for Jewelry – Such kind of silk pouches generally have 8 compartments. The center ones being bigger in size to accommodate bigger jewelry products like the bracelet, necklace, and the side pockets for keeping earrings, rings, anklets, and other small jewelry products. This way you can keep all your jewelry organized in different compartments and prevent them from getting mixed up.
  3. Pouches for gifting Jewelry –These kinds of pouches are smaller in size and can be used to keep coins and other small items. These are ideal for gifting. These kinds of pouches are available in attractive colors and designs. They are very good looking and are liked by all. These silk pouches might have a zip or a loop to keep the jewelry securely. These bags add on to the look of your gift.
  4. Jewelry Purses –These pouches have fancy embroidery and thread or floral design on top making them look extremely nice. They are available in different colors and designs and can be easily matched with all your dresses. They have a dual purpose. They can be carried to parties as a purse with things other than jewelry too. They are in the latest trend.
  5. Big Sized Silk Pouches –These are extremely large sized pouches which are generally for the purpose of keeping in the cupboard. These pouches can accommodate almost all your jewelry and the pouch can be safely placed in the cupboard. These pouches are not very practical for traveling purpose due to their big size. They are helpful for those who need one pouch to keep all the jewelry in one place without moving it much. The advantage is that these pouches are very reliable and would not wear and tear easily.

This is a simple guide for you to select and decide upon the kind of silk pouch you need to buy. All the kinds of bags are highly useful. Depending on your need, you can choose the most suitable silk pouch for yourself.

15 Tricks You Must Know When Using Silk Jewelry Pouches

Silk jewelry pouches are used for different purposes. They look extremely trendy and pretty. These days, silk pouches are popularly used to keep jewelry. Below are a few tricks for you when you are using Silk Jewelry Pouches:

  1. You can carry your trendy silk jewelry pouch to a party as well. You can keep the money, cosmetics, keys and other things in your silk pouch and go out to a party or any outing.
  2. You can use a small silk pouch for gifting purpose. Silk Jewelry Pouches look extremely fancy and attractive and are liked by all. If you wish, you can gift someone a coin or a small ornament in a silk jewelry pouch. It will make your gift definitely look richer.
  3. If you want to store your jewelry in your cupboard, then big sized silk jewelry bags are also available which can more or less accommodate all your jewelry. This way all your jewelry will remain organized and would not get misplaced.
  4. You can utilize all the compartments in the silk jewelry pouch in storing a different category of ornament. This will ensure that your jewelry stays organized.
  5. You can use the center compartments for keeping bigger jewelry items like necklace, bracelets and the side compartments to keep smaller jewelry items like rings, anklets.
  6. You can carry the silk jewelry pouch in your hand or around your wrist or keep it in a bigger bag.
  7. Silk pouches are shimmery and bright due to the silk fabric which reflects light. Due to this particular nature, these bags look very smart when carried at night time to a party.
  8. Silk pouches are extremely light weighted. They are very convenient to be carried and taken to different places.
  9. Silk pouches have many zips and pockets. This makes their usage very practical. You can securely place all your jewelry items in this silk pouch and conveniently use in traveling.
  10. If you are using a silk bag and you want to find out if the bag is made of natural or artificial silk, then you can perform a burn test. In this test, you just have to burn a thread of silk and smell the ashes. If the ashes smell like plastic, then it is artificial silk else natural silk.
  11. You can keep your heavier jewelry also in the silk bag as silk bags are strong and reliable. They can withstand wear and tear.
  12. Silk pouches elasticity is poor. Once you stretch it, it remains in that shape. So, if you don’t want the shape of your pouch to get spoilt, then avoid stretching it.
  13. When traveling, you want to carry a few jewelry items in your big bag. In such a case, you can use a silk jewelry pouch to carry securely.
  14. If you know that your silk pouch is made of insect silk, then you can be assured that nothing can happen to your pouch. You can use it to keep your heaviest jewelry items too.
  15. A good embroidered or floral design silk jewelry pouch looks very smart and contemporary. You can carry it anywhere.

Be stylish and use a silk jewelry pouch in a way that suits you(view more other handmade silver jewellery products at Stories of Silver & Silk). Just keep in mind that silk pouches are the latest fashion statement.

How You Can Own Silk Jewelry Pouches With Lower Cost

Silk jewelry pouches are extremely useful and practical for storing jewelry. In fact, these days silk pouches have high demand. However, the most common problem is that people are not aware of the places from where they can buy them, and what the best price for silk pouches is.

Silk pouches are known for their strength, bright colors and high quality which make them extremely useful for keeping jewelry. It is important that you buy authentic and natural silk pouches if you want to enjoy its actual benefits.

How to find out that the silk pouch you are buying is worth the money?

A simple burn test can let you know if the silk used for silk pouch is natural or not. All you need to do is take a thread of the silk fabric and burn it. After it completely burns, there will be ashes left behind. Rub the ashes between your fingers and smell it. If it smells like plastic, then that means it is artificial silk. However, if there is no smell of plastic, the silk is natural and authentic.

Silk pouches made of artificial silk are not that expensive. They can be found anywhere easily like in the handmade silver jewellery store. Artificial silk pouches are manufactured in many parts of Asia at extremely low prices. The quality of these bags is also not that high, and they are not reliable.

Where do you get the cheapest silk pouches in the World?

If you are buying a silk pouch which is made of natural silk, then they are expensive. Highest producers of silk in the world are China and next to that come India. Obviously, silk and silk products would be cheapest in these countries. But these days, it is being exported to all the countries around the globe.

If you want to buy best-priced silk pouches for jewelry which are of the highest quality, then China is the place for you. If you live in or have any plans to travel to China or southern part of Asia, then you must purchase silk pouches from there to get guaranteed excellent quality at the best prices.

If you have no links to China or Southern Countries in Asia, then these silk pouches are available in almost all Asian handicrafts shops around the world. These places are reliable to buy from and offer you the best deals. You can also request these shops to perform the burn test and show you the results in case you have any doubts.

Hence, when you are buying a silk pouch, you must be very sure of the quality as the lower quality ones are not reliable. You should prefer buying from trustworthy shops. For getting the best prices, you must see the Made in China tag on it. In that case, you can be assured that you are buying the best quality pouch at the best price for keeping your jewelry. So, go and buy a silk pouch today and enjoy the soft and silky touch of it.

Reasons Why Silk Jewelry Pouches Is Getting More Popular

Silk jewelry pouches are attracting huge demand and are appreciated by people of all ages and standards. Silk pouches can be manufactured using natural and artificial silk. The price of silk pouches depends upon the quality of silk and the manpower being used to make them. Silk pouches are easily available online and in retail handicraft shops.

They were in fashion decades ago at the time when our grandparents were young and now they are again becoming the latest trend. The reason behind this is that now people prefer natural products more than artificially produced stuff. Of course, if a person is carrying a naturally produced pouch, then it looks classy and contemporary. You would notice several celebrities also carrying different bright color silk pouches to even the high-end parties.

Below are a few reasons why different people are falling for silk jewelry pouches:

  1. Silk Pouches are reliable and sturdy– Silk pouches are known for their good strength and practicality. As they are strong, one can be carefree when keeping their expensive jewelry items in it. As it is a matter of storing expensive jewelry, one wants something which is reliable and sturdy and a silk pouch is the best choice. Hence, silk pouches are becoming popular for storing jewelry.
  2. Silk Pouches look stunning Silk pouches are available in the market in bright and vibrant colors which make them useful to store jewelry. People prefer keeping their jewelry in bright and good looking pouches. The bright colors make one distinguish the pouch easily.
  3. Silk Pouches have a long life– As silk pouches are made of sturdy material, they don’t wear out quickly and easily. Hence, it is becoming a popular choice amongst people to use silk pouches for storing jewelry.
  4. Silk pouches have sufficient amount of zips – One has jewelry items of different sizes. One prefers to keep earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. in different pockets of the pouch. This is when the number of zips of silk pouches comes to great use. Silk pouches have a great advantage of numerous zips which makes it very convenient to store jewelry of all different sizes. You don’t have to fret around looking for a piece and they are also not tangled with each other, reducing chances of wear and tear.
  5. Used as a gift –Silk pouch is an excellent gift for any friend or family member. They give a rich look and are highly usable. You just have to make sure that you buy it from a reliable shop.
  6. Available in different sizes –One has jewelry of different sizes and for that one needs the flexibility of selecting the size of the pouch he wants to buy. The benefit of silk pouches is that they are available in all different sizes and one can choose one as per their requirement.

Silk pouches are extremely good and rich looking. They are any day better than the other pouches available in the handmade silver jewelry market for storing jewelry. They have become very popular lately. If you haven’t tried a silk pouch for storing jewelry till now, then you must do that!