Where to Find Local Photographer in Beirut

If you are new to Beirut it may be challenging to find the service providers you need whether for a special occasion, personal vacation or even perhaps a business trip. What can be even harder is identifying a local photographer in Beirut? While a photographer does not necessarily have to be local in order to take great pictures of the area, it’s always a better experience if you have a local photographer when traveling in Beirut on hand to assist you because he or she will know where the best photography locations are. Below is a quick list of where you can find local photographers in Beirut.


While Facebook has often taken pride in referring to itself as a place for people, it really is true. If you’re not a local to Beirut finding a photographer can be extremely difficult and even more frustrating. To help take away the frustration and make your search for a photographer that much easier, Facebook has created an option that will let you find photographers based on location. It’s actually quite simple, all you have to do is type in Beirut Photographers and instantly you will be given a list of photographers in Beirut and if you’re lucky you’ll stumble across a few with reviews that can help you before you purchase their services.


If you’re looking for amazing photographers in Beirut for your wedding day then Zafzaf is the premier location for you online to find the best wedding photographers that Beirut has to offer. In addition, you will find everything you need to make sure that your wedding in Beirut is the wedding that you always dreamed of and also the wedding that you will never forget. As an added bonus many photographers on this site are kind enough to provide you with sample photos of the work they’ve done in the past.

Online Search

Again, one of the best ways to find the photographers you are looking for quickly, do an online search of the area and you are guaranteed to receive a host of photographers in Beirut. Online searches are best simply because if you’re lucky you’ll be able to find reviews and also previous photos of the photographers so you don’t have to worry about photographers who lie about their work.

Word Of Mouth

Sometimes when you’re in a crunch and need to find a photographer quickly you may not have time to do an in-depth search for a photographer that’s why there is nothing like word of mouth. If you’re looking for a photographer take a stroll through downtown or even through the American University of Beirut and simply ask around if anyone knows any photographers. In many cases, one of the best ways to fully engulf yourself in the culture of any place is to simply make friends and acquaintances along the way so if you’re crunched for time this may be the best and perhaps the riskiest approach when trying to find a Beirut photographer.

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