Is Local Photographer for You?

It is everybody’s dream to look the best in your own wedding album. This depends on a lot of how good your local photographer is. It is also important if your photographer is cooperative and is ready to work in the style you like him to. It is also important that your photographer has a lot of experience and can suggest which time of the day is the best for photography, light wise. Only a local photographer can help you in this.

The photographer should have the below-mentioned qualities to qualify to be a good local photographer for you –

  • He should have an eye for details –The photographer should be such that he captures even the tiniest and the minutest of the details at the party. He should have a natural skill to do this
  • Creative –The photographer should come up with new and creative suggestions and ideas for getting the photos clicked. You would definitely love to have a unique yet good photo album.
  • Good People Skills –He should have a good personality and should be funny. It is important for you to feel good when interacting with him and also your guests who are at the party.
  • Competitive prices –you should compare the rates of different photographers and choose the one who is offering you the best-priced package. The photographer should not have unreasonable prices.
  • Should give you rights to your photos –A few photographers would not allow using your own wedding pictures without their logo on it. You should not go with such a photographer who is not ok with this.
  • His shooting style –You should be comfortable with his shooting style. There is various kind of shooting styles and not every photographer is an expert at all. So, be sure if you like his style.
  • Passionate– The photographer should be passionate about his work. Photography should not be only work for him but also his hobby.
  • Experience – He should have an experience of successfully finishing at least 2-3 events. Experience doesn’t only improve the quality of work but also makes a photographer understand and know the different challenges.
  • Must be calm and patient – Sometimes on the wedding day, it could take a while to collect all the people who are supposed to be in the family picture. If you have a big group of friends or family then this point will be very relevant for you to keep in mind.
  • Second Photographer –If your venue size is huge and the guest list is also long then it is advised to have a photographer who can bring along a second photographer with him. This will definitely increase the budget but would ensure that no one at the party is missed.


It is not necessary that a top-rated photographer is the best for you. You should see what are your requirements and choices and then try to fit in the photographer. For a few people, the experience of the photographer is more important whereas for others his shooting style is more important. So, you must first decide what your preference and what is more important for you in a photographer.

The above-listed points are the basic points you should keep in mind when you are trying to evaluate if a photographer is suitable for you or not.

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