Simple Guidance Selecting Silk Jewelry Pouches

Amongst women, silk jewelry pouches have become the latest trend. It is like a new fashion statement. Silk pouches are ideal for traveling as you can safely carry your jewelry in them in a stylish yet secure manner. Silk pouches add elegance by offering a smart and practical idea to carry jewelry wherever you go. Silk pouches are available in varied designs and colors which one can use to match and carry with different outfits from the handmade silver jewellery store Stories of Silver Silk. Below are the different kind of silk pouches which are available in the market from which you can select as per your requirement and choice:

  1. Drawstring Pouch for Jewelry – These pouches have a drawstring which can be conveniently opened and closed to carry the jewelry securely. This pouch can be hung around your wrist or put in a bigger bag for easy carrying. When put in a bigger bag, it will ensure that your jewelry is kept away from the remaining stuff like makeup items, money, keys etc.
  2. Center Compartment pouch for Jewelry – Such kind of silk pouches generally have 8 compartments. The center ones being bigger in size to accommodate bigger jewelry products like the bracelet, necklace, and the side pockets for keeping earrings, rings, anklets, and other small jewelry products. This way you can keep all your jewelry organized in different compartments and prevent them from getting mixed up.
  3. Pouches for gifting Jewelry –These kinds of pouches are smaller in size and can be used to keep coins and other small items. These are ideal for gifting. These kinds of pouches are available in attractive colors and designs. They are very good looking and are liked by all. These silk pouches might have a zip or a loop to keep the jewelry securely. These bags add on to the look of your gift.
  4. Jewelry Purses –These pouches have fancy embroidery and thread or floral design on top making them look extremely nice. They are available in different colors and designs and can be easily matched with all your dresses. They have a dual purpose. They can be carried to parties as a purse with things other than jewelry too. They are in the latest trend.
  5. Big Sized Silk Pouches –These are extremely large sized pouches which are generally for the purpose of keeping in the cupboard. These pouches can accommodate almost all your jewelry and the pouch can be safely placed in the cupboard. These pouches are not very practical for traveling purpose due to their big size. They are helpful for those who need one pouch to keep all the jewelry in one place without moving it much. The advantage is that these pouches are very reliable and would not wear and tear easily.

This is a simple guide for you to select and decide upon the kind of silk pouch you need to buy. All the kinds of bags are highly useful. Depending on your need, you can choose the most suitable silk pouch for yourself.

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