Top 10 Amazing Places Must Visit in Beirut

In it’s earliest days, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon was once one of the top tourist attractions in the region. For many individuals who aspired to travel to Beirut, it was often known as the Paris of the East. Some of the region’s finest and site residents could often be found traveling to the area just to have the opportunity to embrace such a beautiful country.

It does not matter what you’re looking for in a tourism location, Beirut literally has something to offer everyone who visits from the youngest to the oldest. Below are 10 of the most amazing places to visit in Beirut.


Anyone you ever meet on a visit to Beirut will tell you that you must go on a stroll along the Corniche. This beautiful landmark by the sea is a place that many people visit in order to get a true glimpse of Beirut life. There you are destined to meet fishermen and coffee sellers.

Dar Bistro & Books

Are you in the mood for Lebanon food? When in Beirut, you have no choice but to indulge in food at one of Beirut’s most amazing Lebanese restaurants. Dar Bistro & Books is a classic and is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Beirut Old City Walk

If you’re interested in being able to embrace the city of Beirut through the eyes of one of Beirut’s locals then perhaps you should consider a guided tour on the Beirut Old City Walk. There are so many hidden stories lurking in the walks of this landmark that is sure to take your trip through Beirut to another level.


When traveling everyone loves a good party. It can’t be explained but there is definitely something exhilarating about partying in a foreign country. B108 is a legendary club in Beirut that is home to the “underground” club. The party literally begins with a DJ running his set early in the morning and when night time arrives the roof of the club opens up to reveal the stars and city lights.
Baalbeck International Festival

If you are traveling to Beirut in the Summer time then you are going to want to check out the Baalbecek International Festival. This exciting festival brings monuments to life with a variety of plays and concerts.

Beirut Souks

Despite the somewhat struggling economy of Beirut, there are still amazing options for shopping in Beirut. Hermès, Louboutin, and Vuitton are just a few of the shopping options available when you go visit the Beirut Souks.

American University of Beirut

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a tour on one of the most pristine college campuses in Beirut. This well-renowned institute will give you a front row seat into what the city of Beirut was like prior to the Civil War.

Tourist Landmark of the Resistance

Located on the scenic route of Mleeta, the Tourist Landmark of the Resistance. It has often been referred to as the Hezbollah’s Disneyland. It is definitely a major attraction for those looking to explore a museum.


Beirut has been knowing of its thriving art scene. If you’re looking to catch a quick art house flick, Achrafieh will not disappoint. During any given time you can walk into Achrafieh and catch a screening or an extraordinary cinematic film.

The Sporting Club

If you have more of a high-class taste, perhaps a visit to the Sporting Club may be of benefit to you on your vacation to Beirut. It is a place that has been known to promise Skiing in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon.

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