Top 10 Natural Scenery in Beirut for Photography

With the increase in social media usage around the world, the scenery has become more important than ever before. Photographers across the world have now made it their overall objectives to travel to various locations just to find the best scenery to photographs. While in many ways Beirut is still a hidden travel gem, many local photographers have begun to flock to Beirut in hopes of capturing creative photography.

If you are a photographer who will soon be traveling to Beirut here are the top 10 natural sceneries in Beirut for photography:

The Corniche

If you have never traveled to Beirut before there will be no surprise that many citizens of the city will almost always send you straight for the Corniche. The Corniche is a view like no other and has been said to be the premiere location for everything Beirut. Here you will find fishermen, coffee sellers and more. This beautiful landmark is guaranteed to help you as a photographer capture genuine moments of fellow tourists as well as life in Beirut.

National Museum of Beirut

As with most places that are tourist attractions, Beirut’s museums are another landmark that every photographer must seek out to visit. This national museum provides visitors with in-depth photos, artifacts and more of the history of Beirut. This historical museum will provide photographers with everything they need to capture the historic portion of Beirut’s destruction and also gradual rise to the top.

Martyr’s Square Downtown

If you want to truly experience Beirut at it’s finest and purest you will want to visit the Martyr’s Square in Downtown. Here you will find beautiful hotels that will have you staring in awe. Straight out of a textbook the Martyr’s Square Downtown offers stellar and classical scenery that photographers will love. The beauty that can be captured in Martyr’s Square is so captivating you won’t have to edit one photo of the scenic destination.

Pigeon Rocks

Pigeon Rock is a beautiful natural offshore rock located in Beirut. In fact, it is not only the most famous scenic piece of Beirut but it is actually said to be one of the only natural features of Beirut remaining.This beautiful attraction could very well be the highlight of your trip.

Beirut Souks

While Beirut Souks may be the dream location for those who are looking to shop until they drop, many photographers have found sanctuary in Beirut Souks. This beautiful location was restored after the destruction the occurred after the Civil War and captures the true fashion hub that Beirut has become. Beirut Souks has something to offer everyone and is a great destination for photographers to capture the spirit of those embracing the Beirut culture.


B108 is legendary club located within Beirut and while this premiere party destination is sure to bring out the party animal in anyone, this is not what makes the club unique. The most unique and scenic aspect of this club is that it actually used to be a former detention center. In fact, it was specifically a camp for thousands of refugees that were later massacred by the Phalangist militia. To no surprise, this club is still the place of much controversy; however, if you are looking to capture the revitalization of once historic landmarks, B108 is a great place to start.

Roman Temple at Baalbek

This monumental Roman temple was at one point in history one of the most celebrated sanctuaries ever and is to do this day one of the most popular tourism locations and once you visit it you’ll see just why. The columns of this building soar high and is a true sight to behold. Each portion of this monumental temple has a story of its own that can easily be captured in the lens of any great photographer.

University of Beirut

You can’t truly capture Beirut without capturing the educational aspect of the country. Take a stroll and a few photos through the University of Beirut and capture higher education at it’s finest. As you walk through the grounds of the campus you will get a sense of Beirut life before the civil war.

Château Ksara

Chateau Ksara is a beautiful winery that is nestled away in Bekka Valley and is a great location if you are looking to take a few photos and sip at the same time. The site is marveling and houses over 90,000 bottles of finest wines. Guided tours are available so if you’re in need of some photography storytelling there’s someone available to give you insight on everything you see.


Want to add some excitement to your trip? Consider taking a nine-minute ride on the technique cable car. You will give an amazing view as you take this dramatic cable ride. You may want to leave your camera behind for this one. You can take great pictures after it’s over.

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