Top 10 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Beirut

Wedding bells are ringing throughout the land and if you whether you are a beaming bride or a groom seeking to make sure your wife to be is not disappointed wedding day, then selecting Beirut as a wedding venue will not disappoint. Surrounded by a wealth of historic features, Beirut has continued to be a premiere destination for Bride’s across the globe looking to take their special day to a destination she perhaps has never traveled to before. So if you’re preparing for your wedding day and have no idea to begin, this list will help guide you as you seek to discover the top 10 wedding venues in Beirut recommended by a Beirut local photographer.

Chateau Rweiss

While no bride wants to even consider the potential for rain, anything is possible and you want to choose a wedding venue that accommodates both the beautiful sunshine and even the rain. This beautiful indoor and outdoor venue is picture perfect and is surrounded by the green mountains and beautiful architecture.

Domaine De Zekrit

Zekrit offers not only a beautiful location but it is specifically amazing because it is 350m above sea level. This point is important because the area in which this venue is located has extremely hot temperatures at the time and the location above sea level makes this location a perfect temperature for your Beirut wedding.

Four Seasons Hotel

While the Four Seasons is known popularly throughout the world and just not Beirut, it is still a premiere location for Beirut weddings. Don’t worry, at the Four Seasons you are not only given the option of having an indoor wedding within the hotel, you can also take your party outside while also assuring that your guests don’t have to travel far if they have partied a little too hard during the wedding festivities.

Hilton Hotel

Again, while not just a Beirut specialty, this Hilton hotel offers a beautiful garden party for guests looking to spruce up their wedding day with something outside of a typical wedding day.

Byblos Sur Mer

This captivating outdoor venue seats a marveling number of people, 700 to be exact and if you’re wedding guest list is shockingly that huge then perhaps this is the destination you have dreamed of. As an added bonus this location is actually the site of the romantic story of Adonis and Aphrodite.

Le Royal Hotel

This 5-star hotel is a wedding venue in Beirut and there’s no guessing why. This beautiful hotel offers ballrooms and outdoor settings that are designed to awe any bride or groom to be. It even offers an international buffet so if you’re traveling outside of the country you can truly get the taste of Beirut’s food.

La Vie en Rose Garden

Looking for a location that’s a bit more quaint and private. If you love pine trees and other greeneries this is the dream location for you. Don’t worry if you have a huge crowd coming with you but still want the “small wedding” feel, this location can actually hold up to 1,000 people.

Robert Mouawad Private Museum

If you are looking to celebrate your wedding in one of Beirut’s most famous museums, this location is to die for. Don’t worry about knocking over artifacts during your wedding, this venue actually accommodates wedding outside and the glowing light surrounding the venue is sure to add the touch of love and romance you are looking to capture your wedding day.

Edde Sands

Have you always dreamed of having a wedding in the sand? The Edde Sands was created just for you. It can accommodate more than 500 people and can offer you everything you need in a wedding day including beautiful scenery.


While often compared to La Vie en Rose, this location is actually located a few minutes from Beirut; however, it’s outdoor venue surrounded by greenery especially during sunset is a magical place in which you and your beau to be could tie your nuptials.

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