Top 10 Popular Festivals in Beirut

beirut festivalsWhile everyone may not be party animals every single day of their lives, lots of people simply enjoy a great time every once and awhile right? Traveling to Beirut is no different. In recent years Beirut has become the home to some of the top festivals in the world and it brings in thousands of visitors each and every year. These festivals range from a variety of cultures and each one offers something different for its audience. Below are just a few of the top festivals held in Beirut.

Art in Office

The American University of Beirut is known for playing a pivotal role in Beirut’s promotion of contemporary art. Generally held in the summer time, art in office is an art festival that showcases the art collection that is found throughout the campus of AUB. It includes exhibits of all types.


Each year Afkart is held and is designed to give the artist the opportunity to showcase their work to a sophisticated and larger audience. The first inception of this annual event was in 2002 and has since seen a steady increase in attendees. The event now boasts of attendance levels of over 10,000 visitors.

Fete de La Musique

If you are looking for an opportunity to see great French artists live in concert this is the festival for you. It is sponsored by the French Institute from Beirut and best of all it has a free access policy so all are welcome to attend.

Beiteddine Festival

Known as one of the greatest festivals in the Middle East, this music festival garners an attendance of over 50,000 spectators.

Byblos International Festival

This festival is by far considered to be one of the biggest festivals in Lebanon. This festival is said to be organized in the first Phoenician city which makes this concert somewhat part of history not only for its huge attendees and line ups but because of its locations.

Ehdeniyat International Festival

This first festival first took place in 2004 and has now been pegged as the ‘experience that never ends’. One of the things that continue to lure many into this beautiful festival is its unique location.

Troubled Symphonies

If you are a film junkie you will be excited to attend this unique festival which offers a series of four movies every month. This event is perfect if you are looking to enjoy an outdoor movie night during the Lebanese summer.

Baalbek International Festival

Often referred to as the ‘oldest cultural event in the Middle East’ this event stretches back to more than half a century. This event brings several world-renowned artist to one location for a cultural experience you are guaranteed to never forget.

Tyre Festival

The Tyre international festival actually occurs right outside of Beirut; however, it takes pride in offering the best of local and international art culture. It also takes pride in the positive role the festival plays throughout the community.

Other Local Festivals

From year to year, Beirut continues to bring in some of the best festivals from across the globe and if you are planning to visit soon check the Beirut calendar, who knows what festival may come to town next.

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