Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hire A Wedding Photographer

Wedding PhotographerAs crazy as it may sound, hiring a wedding photographer in Lebanon could be singlehandedly either the worst or the best decision you make on your entire wedding day. Your photographer literally has the task of not only retelling your wedding day in photos but he or she also has the task of capturing the memories you are hoping you can remember for a lifetime and it’s not an easy job. While there are many photographers throughout the world, not every photographer will be able to tell the story of your wedding the way you would like that is why it is important you ask these 10 questions before hiring a wedding photographer:

Do You Have Experience in Wedding Photography?

While this question may seem like a no brainer you will be surprised to know that not many people even think to ask every photographer if they actually have experience in wedding photography. While experience in weddings isn’t a requirement for all weddings if you don’t want to have to tell your photographer which pictures to capture you may want to hire someone who’s a bit more versed in the industry.

Do You Mind Being Firm With Guests?

During the age of social media, taking photos at a wedding can be extremely challenging. As a photographer at a wedding, it’s important that your photographer is okay and willing to be firm with guests to make sure your guest aren’t blocking your photographer’s view of the wedding. While being firm is not an excuse for your photographer to be rude it is imperative that they be okay with asking the guest to move out of the way or perhaps to put their phones down during the ceremony.

How Much Do You Charge?

Everyone knows that asking about wedding photography rates is the elephant in the room but when you’re planning for a wedding it is a conversation that has to happen. If you’re not careful out could book a photographer you can’t afford and find yourself stressed out on your wedding day because you’re not sure how you can follow it.

How Much Space Do You Need for Equipment?

Many photographers are floaters meaning they go with the flow of the wedding and don’t need much room to take photos; however, there is some photographer who may want to also capture video and also have space where they can edit on the spot. Find out from your photographer ahead of time how much space he or she will need so that you can adequately prepare for whatever it is they need.

Do You Shoot Video and Film?

Anytime you can kill two birds with one stone you are guaranteed to save money. Find out from your photographer if they are able to shoot film and video at the same time. If so this could eliminate the need for you to hire a videographer.

What is Included in Your Package?

While we discussed above how important pricing is, it’s also important to know what’s included in your packages. Don’t just assume that whatever your photographer charges hourly will automatically include everything that you want.

Do You Have Backup Assistance if You Get Sick?

Things happen and we are all prone to getting sick right? It’s important that your photographer has a backup plan in case they get sick so that it doesn’t send you into a frantic search for a photographer on the day of your wedding. If your photographer doesn’t have back up perhaps it would be worth your time to hire your own plan b just in case plan a doesn’t work out.

When Will Our Photos Be Ready?

In the age of social media, many brides and grooms will want to show pictures to their friends and families almost immediately. Finding out from your photographer when your photos will be ready may literally be the one thing that sets all photographers from the rest.

Have You Ever Shot at My Venue Before?

While not a requirement, many brides like to have the satisfaction in knowing that their photographer has experience taking photos at the venue their wedding is being held at. Having a photographer who has shot at your venue before will give you the sense of security that your photographer know-how to get the job done.

Do You Have A List Of Photos You Take?

While this may seem like a very small question, it’s a question you should discuss beforehand. If your photographer is working from a list you will want to make sure the photos that you want taken are included.

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